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Project 100

Our Motto:
Try 1Note, and you'll get 2Notes
Project Tagline:
100 Music Lessons for 100 Children from a disadvantaged background.
Our mission:
1Note2Notes Music Academy’s mission is to provide music lessons to the community as a whole, regardless of their circumstance.
The Project:

Project 100 is an idea that came about when we were in contact with individuals and organisations about the affordability of learning musical instruments; so we have decided to launch this project and offer great ideas to bring people to learn the art of music.

We are collaborating with organisations to make sure that those who are in a disadvantaged position can benefit from the project.

The project will cover a variety of instruments to be taught (Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drums and more).

We are seeking to raise £12,000.00, which will cover a tuition of 100 lessons for 100 children, with the funding also helping to support buying musical instruments.

The Idea has been initiated by our sister organisation London Film Foundation

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Criteria to apply for the scheme:
* Yearly household income of £17,000.00 or less.
* Residing or working in the London Boroughs of        Enfield, Waltham Forest or Newham.
Download the form or pay a visit to the academy to get a form.

Please use the link below to send us your video endorsement.

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